Episode guide

This is the entire list of all the episodes the Machine Empire has stared in . . .


401-A Zeo Beginning part 1
The Zeo Rangers find the Zeo Crystal that was thought to have been taken by Goldar and Rito. The Machine Empire arrives and attacks Rita and Zedd.

402-A Zeo Beginning part 2
Billy gives up his Zeo Crystal to Tanya while the Machine Empire sets up for a simple Cog attack in Angel Grove, starting where Zedd and Rita left off.

403-The Shooting Star
Tanya gets a new boyfriend, a cheater named Shawn. Mondo prepares his first monster for the attack, Staroid. While Billy and Alpha prepare their newest Zeo Zords.

404- Target Rangers
Mondo's newest creation, Silo was created from Rocky and his science partner, Jennifer's computer game.

405- For Cryin' Out Loud
Tommy and Katherine are babysitting a small child named Joey who has been placed under a spell by Boohoo the Clown.

406-Rangers in the Outfield
Tanya joins her high school's baseball team, making Shawn upset about it, while Prince Sprocket comes up with a plan to entrap the Blue Zeo Ranger in a monster known as People Pitcher.

407-Every Dog Has His Day
A heroic police dog that Kat trained comes to her rescue in the forest as she has a broken communicator and a sprained ankle. While Sprocket over sees a plan to bring lava into the streets of AG with Digster's help.

408-The Puppet Blaster
Mondo places a good robot under his control, Puppetman, who makes zombie slaves out of the children of Angel Grove.

409- Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers
While Kat, Tanya, and Rocky are in a movie, Sprocket traps the Rangers in a movie with five deadly monsters
; Leaky Faucet, Jack-o-lantern monster, Train monster, Shower monster, and Traffic sign monster

410- Graduation Blues
With a surprising twist, Billy finds out that he has more credits then he needs and graduates, in the mean time, Cestro comes to Earth in need of Billy's help. Billy leaves for Auqitar.

411-A Few Bad Seeds
Mondo creates a pair of mutated plant monsters from Rocky's plant project. Pallonator and Adrian prove a worthy match against the Zeo Rangers.

412- Instrument of Destruction
Birthday for the Machine Queen, and for her, Mondo finds a mysterious pianist that he tries to kidnap, but Adam stands in his way to protect the mysterious person form Mondo's newest monster, Fortissimodo.

413-Mean Screen
A deadly computer virus is infected all through Angel Grove by Mondo's newest monster, Mean Screen. Even the Power Ranger's Zord Computers.

414- Mr. Billy's Wild Ride
On his way home from Aquitar, Mondo takes it up to himself to make sure Billy never sees the light of day again. Mechanizer keeps the Rangers busy while Billy has a wild ride.

415- There's No Business Like Snow Business part 1
Mysteriously, Kimberly sends in a letter breaking up her relationship with Tommy. So Kat and Billy take him on a skiing trip to get his mind off of his trouble. But in the mean time, Mondo sends down the Robocupid monster to cast love spells over all of Angel Grove, to love machines.

416-There's No Business Like Snow Business part 2
Robocupid continues her love festival with citizens of AG. But the Rangers have other things in mind to break their hearts. Machina plans has a back up plan that will really heat things in Angel Grove.

417- There's No Business Like Snow Business part 3
By order of Mondo, Machina's monster, Defoliator is sent to make Angel Grove in a barbecue. And the royal house of gadgetry has other ideas in mind between Heather and Tommy.

418- Inner Spirit
With the newest and most evil of Monsters, Main Drain begins draining power from Angel Grove, including the Power Chamber. In battle, the Zeo Megazord is disable and Tommy must learn to control his newest Zord, the Red Battle Zord.

Tommy is visited by Sam Trueheart, and in order to find the answers, he must go on a vision quest. But before he can, he must save Adam from Sprocket's grip and fight Punchabunch.

420- Found and Lost
David has been kidnapped by Mondo in order to get the arrowhead, but Tommy has it. So Mondo created Mace Face to trash the city and give an ultimatum to Tommy, the Arrow Head for David.

421- Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?
Tommy saves David from the hands of Mondo and destroys the ancient evil that came from the rock. Tommy successfully forms the new Zeo Zord, the Zeo Megabattlezord.

422-Trust in Me
Rocky falls in love with a girl, but finds out she is blind. A new plan to destroy the Rangers, Klank and Orbus create a monster from old parts, and Defector goes down to Earth to win the Rangers trust.

423-It Came from Angel Grove
Studying late at AG high, Adam falls asleep and dreams that while he was asleep, the Machine Empire let out an entire assault on Earth and transformed the Zeo Rangers into villains. So Zedd and Rita send him on a quest to free earth.

424- Bulk Fiction
Bulk falls in love with a new junior police patroller, while the Rangers prepare for a dance to help raise toys for homeless children. Sprocket becomes jealous and manages to get a new Toy Monster out of his Parents.

425- Song Sung Yellow
Tanya makes a video with Adam and Rocky, and finally gets a big break in the Music Industry. While Sprocket prepares for his birthday, where he becomes a mechanical man, and in order to do so, he must control his creation, Wrecking Ball.

426-Game of Honor
Adam prepares for a major competition, which Tanya's old boyfriend, Shawn is in. With his new secret weapon, he is sure to beat Adam. But that weapon is really a powerful cloaking device created by Mondo to prepare a fleet to attack Earth, led by Admiral Abominator.

427-The Power of Gold
A mysterious new Gold Ranger appears when the Rangers are in need of help from Mondo's newest form of attack, divide and conquer. The Gold Ranger must help the Rangers battle Wolfbane.

428-A Small Problem
While on a trip to the desert, Tommy and Kat are shrunk by Sprocket and turned into his pets. They must battle a giant small spider in order to stay alive. While Trantabot spins a web of destruction on Angel Grove.

429-Oily to Bed Oily to Rise
On a surf competition, Kat and her friends begin to have fun in the beaches of Angel Grove. While on the Moon, Mondo and the Machine Empire prepare to turn all the water into Cog Slug with the help of Leaky Faucet.

430- Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers
Tired out from all the battles against the Machine Empire, the Rangers just want a long nap to rest themselves. But no sleep for the weary, Klank sends down the horrid Somnibot to give the Rangers a LONG nap.

431-Do I Know You?
On a mission to get the Gold Ranger powers, the Barox Bounty hunter runs into King Mondo and Prince Sprocket who want to help him get the Golden Powers. When the Gold Ranger is hurt, he is teleported to the Power Chamber and aided by Alpha and Zordon

432-A Season to Remember
In the Christmas spirit, the grandfather Tommy tells his grandchildren about the greatest Christmas battles the Power Rangers Zeo have ever had as they try to stop Sprocket from ruining it.

433-Revelations of Gold
The true identity of the Gold Ranger is found as he crash lands on Aquitar. He seeks Zordon's help, but when he is teleported back, Mondo places a beam around the Power Chamber to destroy anything that comes in contact with it.

434- A Golden Homecoming
With the Golden Powers unable to be given to Billy, the Rangers search for a new Gold Ranger. Jason returns to battle, only to find out that this new villain, Mondo has a new form of fighting monsters and unleashes his powerful warriors, but only with the help of the Super Zeo Zords, can they stop them. And the return of Zedd and Rita . . .

435-Mondo's Last Stand
Now that Jason is back, Rocky feels left out and unwanted. With Mondo tired of the Rangers, he reclaims the Damocles Sword to battle the Rangers. To prove himself Rocky takes on Mondo by himself.

436-Bomber in the Summer
With Mondo gone and out of the way, Zedd and Rita sends in the robot Louie Kaboom to battle the Machine Empire. But Rito loses the remote. Jason and the others meet up with some bikers who are trashing with Ernie's new club. Tuff Tusks, under Louie's command, attacks the Rangers for the honor of Machina.

437-Scent of a Weasel
When guarding a fashion show, Skull spills some perfume all over a lovely model who begins to stick, but Skull falls in love with her any ways. Giving Machina a wonderful idea, she creates Stenchy to stick up the Rangers.

438-The Lore of Auric
Getting a letter from Aisha, Tanya finds the Key to the lost secrets of Auric and her parents. But when on a venture to Mysterio Island, she is called back to find out that Louie stole the key she had given Jason. Now Sprocket has fooled Auric into saying that the Rangers were evil, so Auric now faces them in battle.

439-The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold
Creating the mighty Midas Hound, Louie sets it free on Earth to make humans so greedy it would destroy them. Bulk and Skull take it up and mistakenly turn stuff into Gold. The Midas Monster started to turn everything into Gold, including Jason.

440-The Joke's on Blue
Kicked out from their palace, Machina ventures into the moon with her son. But her son, Gasket and his wife, Archerina come and save the day. Making Louie fall in love with Archerina, she orders him into battle against the rangers.

441-Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?
The mighty Machine Prince kidnaps Tommy and the other Rangers must find him. But Gasket's newest monster, Cruel Chrome steps in and attacks the Rangers while Jason is in command.

442- King for a Day part 1
Tommy has been brainwashed by Gasket and Archerina and fooled into believing he is the King of the Machine Empire. That the Rangers are evil, and they are the only thing that stands in the way of them. While Jason and Kat look for Tommy, Jason is sucked into a portal and sent to Gasket's arena where he must fight Altor, who has Tommy's powers.

443-King for a Day part 2
Bulk and Skull are taken also into the Portal and locked up. While the Rangers try to venture into the portal, it is closed off and Rita and Zedd help out the Rangers by transporting them to Gasket's Arena. Tommy faces all the Rangers together.

444-A Brief Mystery of Time
A new plan by Gasket, he makes time repeat itself so he can ambush the Earth by surprise, but thanks to the Brain Drain, Tommy can sense the time distortions. They find the Chronosapios and must battle Protectron in order to destroy it and time from repeating itself.

445-MyMe : A Mystery to Me
The Rangers enjoy a mystery game, but Archerina interrupts it by mysteriously kidnapping the other Rangers. So in order to free them, Kat must fight Archerina and Nuklifier alone in the Forest of forever light.

446- Another Song and Dance
While practicing for a singing project, Tommy asks for Tanya's help. But Machina takes it upon herself and zaps the Rangers with a singing spell so that they cannot control their Zords. In the mean time, Gasket creates the Mechterpillar to fight off the Zeo Zords. Mondo returns.

447- Rangers of Two Worlds part 1
Billy begins to age at a ramped rate and so the Rangers seek help from the Aquitian Rangers. But Zedd and Rita sends down their Impurseonator Monster, while Mondo sends in the Cog Changer who plants a powerful controller that takes over the Zeo Megazord.

448-RTW2 : Rangers of Two Worlds part 2
The Impurseonator Monster gets control of the Super Zeo Megazord and starts to attack the Zeo Megazord. While Billy still ages, the Aquitian Ranger help him out. He returns to Aquatar while the Aquatian and Zeo Rangers team up.

449-Hawaii Zeo
Gasket and Archerina are fooled into battling the Rangers by Prince Sprocket. While Jason's Zeo powers start to fade, Mondo start to give his oldest son trouble as the first date of Tommy and Kat starts.

450-Good as Gold
Jason is lured into battle against both Zedd, Rita's and the Machine Empire's forces. He escapes while they both battle. The Trey's are reformed and are given the Gold Ranger powers. Then Zedd and Rita tricks the Machine Empire in giving them a gift, and they all blown away.

601-From Out of Nowhere part 1
All the villains in the universe attend Dark Specter's villain banquet to reveal that he has kidnapped the Mighty Zordon. And now is draining him of his life force. A new Red Ranger crashes the party and all the villains want to go after him. The four former Turbo Rangers appear on the Astro Megaship.

602-From Out of Nowhere part 2
Andros gives his new teammates their new Astro Morphers and they battle off the forces of Astronema.

642-Countdown to Destruction part 1
Dark Specter orders the all out attack on the universe. All of the major powers attack the entire universe and begin to enslave it. Andros and the Astro Rangers try to stop a battle at Earth, but fail and lose their powers for a short time.

643-Countdown to Destruction part 2
Andros goes to the Dark Fortress to talk with Karone after Dark Specter is destroyed by Darkonda. Zordon reveals that the only way to save the universe is to destroy his energy tube. Andros does it and unleashes an entire shockwave throughout the cosmos, destroying all traces of Evil.