Prince Sprocket

Heir to the Throne of the Machine Empire, this young bratty Machine Prince is not as nice as he is cute. He is truly a demon in sheep's clothing, with his keen mastermind, he is able to formulate plans of pure evil no child his age could. With a tough Brooklyn boy's accent, this child isn't as tough as mommy and daddy would like him to be. When times get bad, he runs for the nearest gear portalway so he can hop a ride home. Although, in his parents eyes, he cannot fail.

Young Sprocket was born just near the end of the Millenium Wars. Unaware that his father was destroyed using the Damocles Sword, he continued to believe that his father was invincible.

Sprocket hasn't been the favorite of his mother, Machina, because she saw him as only a child that's evil plans couldn't harm a toddler. Although she cares for him a great deal, Gasket was always in the eyes of his parents. Making Sprocket angry and jealous of his older brother very much.

When Gasket was banished from the Empire with his bride, Sprocket was the favorite son finally, after all his failures. Now it was true, he would become the next Machine King.

When they came to Earth, Sprocket saw this as an opportunity to prove himself worthy of the legendary crown of the Machine Empire. He worked his circuits and processors to their max, trying to make plans on how to destroy the Zeo Rangers. He would even steal others ideas and claim them as his own, but when the problems went wrong, he would blame the creator of the idea.

But through all his failures at destroying the Zeo Rangers, his family still saw him as perfect and a boy who would have the genius to destroy anything or one that came in his path to power.

When the Zeo Rangers destroyed his father, Sprocket thought his world was over, his father was not as powerful as he first thought. But that came to an end when he knew that with daddy gone, that means the throne is open, and his mom wouldn't last forever. He would become the next Machine King, which was until Louie Kaboom came and threw him and his mother from the palace.

When things he thought couldn't get any worse, his older brother came back for the crown with his wife, Archerina. Sprocket and his brother Gasket hated each other more then the Zeo Rangers. But with his brother here, he would not give the crown up so easily! He thought of plan after plan to get the crown and stop his brother.

Once King Mondo returned, Sprocket screamed like a stool pigeon and told his father that Gasket wanted to be king, fearing for his life, Gasket vanished without a trace back to Horath. Now Sprocket knew that he had the upper hand.

But when the Machine Empire's task at getting the Golden power failed, Zedd and Rita presented Sprocket with a deadly gift. Once opening it, he and his family blew up to pieces.

Secretly, the entire royal family was rebuilt on the Skybase, and now the young Prince has found out that the Machine Empire is aligned with the mighty Dark Specter. This making him even more powerful then before, and once he becomes the Machine King, nothing can stand in his way for the entire universe . . .