The Machine Empire is the most advanced scientific empire in the universe. From its powerful mind altering devises to its artificial intelligence (one of the key things to the Empire). The Machine Empire has advanced knowledge of the universe. One thing that the Machine Empire does lack, is knowledge of sorcery, something that is weak and pointless to them. Why shoot a fireball at someone? When you can zap them with 5000 watts of energy!


Cogs are the foot soldiers to the Machine Empire. With little artificial intelligence, all these robots are designed for is fighting the enemy and to obey any command given by their masters. Produced at one per hour, in a week, One Hundred and sixty-eight Cogs can be produced to battle a world.


These one-passenger vessels are capable of both air and land attacks. They can fire out powerful oval blue shaped blasts at any target that is in their path. They can also land on any surface and use its landing gear to begin to move about and attack a target. Quadra-Fighters are also used for construction of buildings and other foundations. They are based in the massive Gear Ships, which can hold up to a thousand Quadra-Fighters.

Gear Ships

These massive air fortresses are capable of high-speed travel, Orbital capability, and atmospheric travel. These large ships carry heavy firepower that can attack a section of a city and do major damage to it. They also care large amounts of Quadra-Fighters, Cogs, and other supporting robots.

Mechanical Monsters

The endless supply of Mechanical Minions is capable of any task. From missile firing robots to large tentacle machines. All of which are to carry out a specific task for their masters and not fail, if done so, will end their life and scrap their parts into the wasteyards of the Machine Empire.

Many more deadly secrets of Science lurk in the artificial minds of King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Gasket, Princess Archerina, Prince Sprocket, Klank and Orbus, which are both terrifying and scary. Only in time will they be revealed and when they do, have dangerous effects on the people done to . . .