Daughter of the mortal enemy to King Mondo, King Aradon. Archerina is a devoting bride and loving person. She has as much love for her husband Gasket as she does hate for all good. With a high pitched voice, and deadly features, Archerina proves a match for anyone with her remarkable aim with her Bow and love Arrows.

Archerina was taught as a young machine to hate all goodness and the Machine Empire, for both threatened the unity of her father's empire. But during the Millenium wars when she fought for her father's side, she met her future husband and fell madly in love with him.

After she confessed her love to her father when the war was over, she was banished from the Kingdom and stripped of her royal title. Gasket, like her, was forced to leave her home and venture into space. When they found the small world of Horath, they conquered it with ease and took the fighting skills from their best warriors and placed them in their own fighters.

Archerina and Gasket ruled on high as king and queen of Horath, until the day they heard that the Damocles Sword destroyed King Mondo. Both of them went to the Earth and saved the Machine Empire from Louie Kaboom, by placing a scientific love spell over Louie with her arrows. He was destroyed at Archerina's command, fighting the rangers off.

Archerina fought along her husband's side in order to impress her mother-in-law. They both became the favorite of the queen until they began to lose the fight against the Rangers. Especially since they lost the Red Ranger and other Zeo Rangers in their personal arena.

Princess Archerina began to become jealous of the Pink Zeo Ranger, for reasons unknown. But inside, Archerina knew that Gasket found her charming and powerful, so she learned to hate and despise her more and more with every minute . . .

During the last battle, Archerina and Gasket fell to failure by all the Zeo Zords as they nearly destroyed them. When King Mondo returned, he banished them from the Empire and they return to Horath to rule.

But they reappeared as Dark Specter came into more power. With him as an ally, they had become as strong as the other evil empires around them, in order to take the Universe as their own . . .