Prince Gasket

Eldest son of King Mondo and Queen Machina, Gasket is a very strong willed person. He is a formidable enemy in the battle of strength and will power. Although with his strong emotion chips, also comes a very emotional side. When he doesn't get his way, he mainly pouts and cries constantly.

Gasket was the prize pupil of his father, the most noble of warriors during the times of the Millenium Wars against the dreaded King Aradon and also Machina's favorite son at the time of his behaving.

But when Mondo was destroyed by the Sword of Damocles, Gasket fell in love with the lovely Princess Archerina. Queen Machina ordered him to never lay eyes upon her again, but he did not listen and married her when his father came back. He was disowned and vanished from site in the Machine Empire, along with his bride.

During the times when the Machine Empire was off conquering many worlds, Gasket came to the planet, Horath and conquered it after along battle. He would steal the strengths of the many warriors on that planet and place them in his warriors. Him and his wife remained King and Queen until the day he heard of his father's destruction.

So he journeyed to Earth to take the place, as the Machine King while his father was gone. Him and his bride Archerina destroyed the deadly Louie Kaboom and reclaimed his mother's title as Queen in order for her to crown him the new King. But him and his younger brother, Sprocket began there sibling rivalry again, trying to earn the crown.

Prince Gasket became his mother's favorite child again when he kidnapped the leader of the Power Rangers Zeo team and turned him evil. But the Rangers escaped. Gasket was losing his battle against the Rangers, as his wife became jealous of the Pink Zeo Ranger.

When King Mondo came back from his long repairs, he banished Gasket and his wife from the Empire again after they lost the battle against the Power Rangers.

They returned to Horath and were never heard from again, until the battle of Eltar when they became allies the monarch of Evil, Dark Specter. Now their forces are more powered and ready to take over the entire universe . . .