Queen Machina

The loving and nurturing Queen Machina is the compassion and heart behind the Machine Empire's Throne and Royal Family. Although she despises all Organic Life in the universe and believes all machines are the superior forms of life, she is a caring mother to her children and supportive wife to her husband.

The Machine Queen is the most breath taking creation of all the Machines in the Empire, according to her husband and children. She is often seen walking around the Throne Room waving about her fan and agreeing with her devious husband, King Mondo and children, Prince Gasket, and Prince Sprocket's evil plans to conquer the Universe.

When she was created and activated, she was immediately wed to the Machine King and crowned the Queen of all the Empire. Machina and her husband have always shared a special bond between themselves. A true love that very few other life forms share in this universe.

During the Millenium Wars, Queen Machina was always at her husband's side, trying to ease his stress so he would not boil his oil over. And when Mondo destroyed himself using the Damocles Sword, Machina ordered her servants to remove it from her empire at once, so that her husband or anyone else would ever lay hands on it again.

Once Mondo was repaired, he took over his kingdom again. But his homecoming was not so heartwarming, Prince Gasket betrayed his parents and empire by falling in love with Princess Archerina. Mondo banished his son and Machina fell out of favor with him and choice her youngest son as her favorite. Gasket left with his bride and never spoke with his mother again.

Then, going to a new galaxy, the Machine Empire had their eyes set on the blue and green world known as Earth. Machina was more then excited when they came across this world, a world that would enhance the strength of the mighty Machine Empire. Zedd and Rita was no match for them.

When they were gone, the Machine Empire attacked the Earth and fought the Power Rangers Zeo. The Zeo Rangers fought back the attacks of both Mondo and Sprocket, whom Machina had encouraged so much.

With the Gold Ranger on the Rangers side, Mondo became more agitated then ever. He knew that he would lose with his pathetic monsters at his command. Machina sadly said, "It is a shame they do not have your keen battle sense." With those words, Mondo got the idea of the Damocles Sword and attacked the Rangers, but was destroyed again by the Super Zeo Megazord. While he was being repaired, Queen Machina had to take command of the Empire.

With Rita and Zedd back in town, they sent their newest creation, Louie Kaboom to take over the empire. But he rejected Zedd and Rita's control and took over the Empire. For a little while he let Machina and Sprocket remain in the palace, but he threw them out after getting on his nerves. Then much to Machina's surprise, her eldest son, Gasket and his bride Archerina came to the moon and aided his mother in the destruction of Kaboom.

After Louie was destroyed, Machina returned to the palace and took control of the empire again. With both of her sons trying to prove themselves as the greatest Machine King ever so that Machina would crown them King of all the Empire. Machina then began to favor Gasket over Sprocket . . .

Mondo was repaired later on and banished Gasket and his wife once again from the Empire. And again, Machina began to play favorites with her children, Sprocket became her favorite son again.

But after the final battle of the Machine Empire, Zedd presented her son with a gift, a gift that was really a bomb and destroyed them on the Earth's moon. Leaving them for all time. Not what the scientists of the Machine Empire had in mind. Secretly they repaired the royal family to rise up again and claim the Machine Empire as their own again.

A year later, the Royal House of Gadgetry was rebuilt and aligned themselves with the mighty Dark Specter. Machina once again has stepped into place of supporting her husband and children as the battle for the universe has begun . . .