King Mondo

The all-mighty Machine King of the Machine Empire is known as the most terrified creature of evil. King Mondo is a sinister machine who can create any evil detailed plan in matter of minutes. With his vile artificial intelligence, he rules the powerful empire with skill and determination.

Husband to the most enchanting creature of all the empire, Queen Machina. Father to not one, but two evil Machine Princes, The Prince Gasket and Prince Sprocket.

During the most tragic battles of the Machine Empire's history, the Millenium Wars, King Mondo had become desperate in order to rid himself of his enemy's. But Mondo's forces weren't strong enough, so he called upon one of the most powerful swords in the Universe, the Damocles Sword.

When in battle against his enemies, he was destroyed and had to under go repairs for several months due to its deadly power explosion that happened from it. During that time, Queen Machina ordered the sword to be burred deep underground on a foreign planet on the way outskirts of the Empire's borders.

After the Millenium Wars between Mondo's Empire and his mortal nemesis, King Aradon's Empire, Mondo's eldest child, Prince Gasket fell in love with Aradon's eldest daughter, the lovely Archerina.

Mondo and Aradon never approved of the wedding, but they eloped without their permission. And for that, both were banished from their empire's and stripped of their titles.

But with Gasket gone, Mondo took it upon himself to reprogram his parenting skills and become a better father to his youngest child, Prince Sprocket. Giving him whatever he wanted in order for him to become the most deadly emperor the Machine Empire had. Sprocket and his father had become very close, by doing what every evil father and son do best, planning to conquer planets and strip them for the Empire.

Then coming to the alien world known as Earth, Mondo knew that it was defenseless, and the reining evils there would be no match against his power. It an all out attack, Mondo sent Lord Zedd and his wife, Rita Repulsa fleeing to her father's space. With Zedd and Rita out of the way, Earth would be Mondo's, or so he thought. The newly powered Zeo Rangers fought against Mondo and his forces with skill beyond the Machine King's belief.

Thinking that his new enemies would be formidable appointments, he would soon find them an annoying threat to his occupation of the Earth. His monster attacks were always losing and he was becoming more irritated everytime a monster would fail him in battle. Once he thought he had the Zeo Rangers, until the mighty Gold Ranger came up against his empire. He lost even more battles as the Ranger Force got stronger.

So the Emperor took matters into his own hands and brought back the Damocles Sword from deep under the ground of the Earth. But with the Super Zeo Zords in the Rangers power, he was no match for them and met his untimely destruction.

With Mondo gone and out of the way, his eldest son returned and claimed himself the new Machine King. But was soonly dethroned when his father returned to battle the Rangers.

But in his efforts to get the Gold Ranger Powers, failed again miserably and found himself with a new force to face, Rita Repulsa and her husband, Zedd. Soon after the last battle the Empire gave, Zedd presented Sprocket with a gift that had explosive after effects. The entire Machine Empire's royal court was blown up in a furry of fire and sparks, left to age over time on the lunar surface.

But little did they know, while the other Villains attacked the Earth, the Machine Skybase remained in operation and repaired the damaged royal court and all. The Machine Empire rose up and aligned themselves with the mighty Dark Specter in the greatest battle the Universe has ever and will ever know . . . and right there leading the attacks against the forces of good, is his royal majesty, Kind Mondo.