The royal house of gadgetry

You have entered the domain of the Machine Empire. A powerful Skybase high above the Earth on its only moon, Luna. If you even dare to a pose the greatest universal power here, you will fail. If you wish, you may try to learn about us to stop us, but you and your organic kind are irrelevant and powerless to stop our endless supplies of mechanical minions that will bring order to the universe!!

The Royal House of Gadgetry will forever live! And it can with your help, vote for this site to make it one of the ever lasting and high ranking on the Web.

Below is a list of areas that you may enter to learn about the mighty Machine Empire. If you wish . . . I recommend that you do, for with the knowledge you learn about us, it might give you a fighting chance.


Coming soon . . .

Power Rangers Zeo Adventures: Battle Against the Machine Empire

Play as your favorite Ranger is an epic battle that will forever change the future of Earth. Fight against Cogs, run down the many corridors and tunnels in the Machine Skybase, face the leaders of the Empire themselves in battle as you race against time to save your friends, family, and world from the destructive force of the deadly empire.

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